Can we please, please stop with the outright castigation of Better Capital and John Moulton.

It is widely accepted that when Citylink was bought for £1 from Rentokill that it had been loss making for some years and, in the absence of another bidder a closure and subsequent redundancy of staff would have been the only alternative.

Better Capital have clearly put significant time effort and money into trying to turn the business around but have not succeeded. In the meantime they have paid staff wages and kept thousands of people in employment.

They have chosen to shut the business at a time which causes least overall disruption, and that also is apparently a reason to take them to task, but imagine what would have happened if they had closed the business two weeks earlier in the middle of the Christmas delivery rush.

Perhaps the critics in politics, the media and the unions should take a step back and attempt to better understand the reality rather than the headline.

Peter Clarke Director Recept Consulting Limited