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Asset Management


We regularly source property investment opportunities for clients in residential and commercial property across the UK. The process starts by us understanding the risk and return expectations of each client allowing us to advise on suitable sectors and source suitable investments, often off-market, from our extensive contact list.

We provide a full investment appraisal and manage the acquisition process, including due diligence and other professionals.

Our service is especially useful to those seeking an entry into the UK market,either as first time investors or overseas investors without an existing UK presence.


Over the last few months we have sold over £5  million of property for clients at prices of up to 30% above valuation.

Achieving this requires a proactive and hands on approach.


  • inspect properties to ensure that each is properly presented for sale;
  • carry out initial due diligence to identify any possible issues with title;
  • ensure that the right agent is appointed and that they are appropriately incentivised;
  • conduct our own market review;
  • review bids and make recomendations based on price and deliverability; and
  • manage the professional teams to ensure that sales are completed on a timely basis.

Our involvement is a value added service and does not replace that of the investment sales agent, because of that we tend to work on an incentive fee basis which aligns us directly with our clients - we only get paid if sales proceeds exceed valuation.

Portfolio Management

We provide asset and property management for UK commercial real estate for selected clients who require more from a manager than a rental billing service and an annual building inspection.

We provide a service that puts occupiers at the heart of business. In our view happy customers are a vital part of preserving and enhancing capital values and rental income.

In our view, active asset management does not start with lettings, re-lettings and property improvements but instead with a proper understanding of the value a property to its existing and potential new occupiers.

By putting the occupier, as customer, at the heart of our strategy we improve tenant retention rates and occupier satisfaction which leads to lower vacancies and higher rents.

We therefore work almost exclusively with clients for whom real estate is a long-term investment, not short-term speculation. 

Development Management

We undertake development management on small new build and conversion projects in both the residential and commercial sectors assisting clients in selecting an appropriate professional team and specifying the correct product for local market conditions.

On larger development projects we work closely with a number of carefully vetted development management partners, dependant on sector and geography.



We undertake strategic reviews for investors to assist them to formulate  a real estate and financing strategy that matches closely their risk and return expectations

Our experience as part of the senior management team of one of the UK's largest REIT's allows us to provide a unique perspective on the sectors, geographies and strategies that drive returns.

We also then overlay a portfolio strategy with a financing strategy to match the risk in the underlying portfolio to ensure that external market and interest rate risks do not prejudice portfolio integrity.

Transactional Due Diligence

The team at Recept have over 50 years combined experience in UK and European real estate and we have been involved in some of the largest transactions ever undertaken.

Having a time and cost effective due diligence process is a vital part of any successful transaction. That involves not just identifying issues early but also managing teams of lawyers and surveyors to reduce costs, 


Having a financing strategy that matches the characteristics of the underlying property portfolio reduces risk whilst enhancing returns.Having been responsible, as principals for over £10 bn of financing in the last 15 years in equity, debt and debt capital markets we have the experience to formulate a strategy that works for clients.

Debt, in particular tends to involve a trade off between between debt maturity, covenant flexibility and cost. Matching that to the underlying portfolio characteristics and strategy will reduce risk and help to maximise returns.

We can also help you  to understand the appropriate use of fixed rate debt and interest rate derivatives.

See also Financial Solutions.

Systems and Processes

Both Stephen and Peter have been involved for many years in the development and improvements of systems and processes in property strategy and management.

Peter has advised major banks, property companies and retailers on systems improvements.

Stephen has been an advocate of innovation and the application of technology in the management of property investments throughout his career and he has considerable experience in process design and change management.

Energy Efficiency

We work with a small number of carefully selected suppliers to provide an energy efficiency and renewable energy consultancy service to clients.

From buying electricity, through energy saving installations to renewable energy equipment installation, we select and manage suppliers to realise significant savings for clients and reductions in carbon footprints.


We work with organisations to help them create a clear strategy for sustainability.

Our approach is to identify the business drivers for sustainability and to prioritise them into a framework that allows sustainability to be integrated into everyday decision making. It is this embedding of sustainability within the business which will create buy-in and deliver change.

Successful sustainability strategies need to recognise that all companies form part on a much longer supply chain, where they are both a procurer and provider of services. Fostering a partnership approach where companies are able to work together both with each other and with their own staff, always in our experience, reaps greater benefits. 

facilities Management

Facilities management tends to be a low margin business, and as such it is very difficult to source quality management at an affordable cost.

We provide a 'management' service to clients to assist them in tendering and procuring services in a cost effective manner with carefully designed service level targets to ensure that quality of service is maintained.

Having chaired Broadgate Estates, one of the most respected 'niche' facilities management companies in the UK, Peter is well positioned to understand the needs of customers and the delivery of FM services.

Joint Ventures

We have structured and financed joint ventures with large commercial partners including Tesco, Sainsbury, GUS and Scottish and Newcastle.

The ability to leverage relationships to source off market deals and to provide a win - win for both partners requires innovation and a detailed understanding of the nature of the assets and cash flows.

Deadlock provisions and day to day management are common issues that can arise in negotiations and our experience allows us to assist clients in formulating solutions that actually work.