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We provide dispute resolution services and expert witness reports to clients and their legal advisers.


Expert Witness

We are able to combine direct real estate investment and finance knowledge to provide a view that few others in the market can match. Our practical knowledge of loan covenants, derivatives and risks to property income allow us to take on expert witness assignments where others cannot.

We add to that a depth of financial knowledge and modelling to create a single point of contact, avoiding multiple experts, which reduces costs while still providing the full expertise required.

Peter and the team at Recept provided an expert report to back up our claim for consequential losses arising from the mis-selling to us of an interest rate derivative.
The independence of Peter’s view was vital in allowing us to assess the strength of our claim and formulate it in a clear manner for presentation to the bank.
— CEO, family owned real estate and hotel company

Dispute resolution And litigation management

We are able to provide dispute resolution services to clients to assist them in reaching agreement with commercial partners.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Construction litigation.

  • Joint venture arrangements.

  • Finance and derivatives.

  • Rent reviews and lease renewals.

  • Securisitation and capital markets.

  • Commercial agreements with real estate related issues.

  • General real estate litigation.

Our experience tells us that, even where legal advice has already been sought, a pragmatic and independent view of the commercial strengths and weaknesses of a dispute will add value by helping to cut through preconceived positions and remove emotion from the decision making process.

“I was Counsel instructed by Peter in relation to an interesting case on rectification. Peter has all the ingredients of a top class litigator: first, an ability to communicate his commercial requirements in a clear and concise way, which means that nobody is ever unsure of the objective of the exercise; second, a toughness of mind, both in terms of intellect and strength of purpose, which he uses to ensure that his side prevails; third, a nose for the right deal - not just the right price, but the right sense of the correct timing at which to seek that deal; fourth, a deep understanding of the Courts and of alternative means of dispute resolution, such that he always has a strong instinct about what a Judge or Mediator would do; finally, he has an unerring ability to pick the right team around him - ... but I suppose I would say that about this case, wouldn’t I?”

Jonathan Seitler QC
Wilberforce Chambers